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Big game today up in the snake pit!! It was a fire fight of the serpents as we sat down in Nottingham to cross sticks with the vipers.


Being short on a few players and what we did have on the bench being under the weather we faced a well named vipers side, playing some players down from elite and showcasing a number of GB players/prospects, we knew it would be a battle. But I stood firm to my beliefs that we could take the W.


Game got off to a great start sliding in a lovely goal only to be counter struck and closely double we went down two to one in the first five minutes of play.


Some great team movement and exceptional work of training drills we started to flow. The score throughout the game stayed one goal apart throughout. With a few power plays we couldn't capitalise on the extra player and Nottingham closed us down. The tiredness started to creep in but we kept edging the lead right to the last five minutes.


Keeping the lines tight for the last few minutes saw us go from eight seven down to concealing the victory goal with forty seconds to ride. Clever play and pure endurance heard the buzzing cry out for our win.


Best hockey game this season. Pity we couldn't have taken some of that fire home to defrost the journey seeing most of the team still traveling in the early hours. But what a great day for a win!!! Super proud of everyone today.


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