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A wet drive saw us head west to take on second from the bottom Coventry with the hope of our first win. Girls were looking sharp in training after the Christmas rest and were hungry to start our 2023 campaign with a W.


First period struck and we looked like the journey had zapped our powers!! We took in 2 sharp goals from Coventry, and left ourselves in a shocked position. We started to engage but opening up channels from poor positioning saw a flurry of pucks finding the back netting taking the tally to five.


With a period break and an injured netminder leaving the pipes with a goal save average of over eighty five percent. We started with a stern talking to from the coach and fresh eyes at the back. The onslaught carried on but like brave soldiers the whole team pulled together and started to find the door to their end of the barn. Our shots started to come and we saw the second period out with just one biscuit in the jar our end.


Going into the third the team huddled together and proposed a fight till the end. And it showed. That energy level from period two turned into lightning and the game flowed. Solid work at the back and going through the players like steam trains we ended up making team history and sinking pythons first goal. Scored by Roseanna assisted by Stevie and Connie. With sixteen seconds left and a rush on the drop we looked to gain a second but the buzzer saved them.


If we had taken the first two periods game throughout the vote would have been different. But such a great achievement for the girls to come together in hard times to make a positive out of the situation. We will hit the board and work on what we need. Strength by strength we will improve and get to where we want.


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