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So Whitley Bay, as they say we came, we saw, we got conquered but with a battle of non stop effort and heart from a team I'm proud to say I'm their coach.


Playing what we should consider an elite line up team, we gave it a great shot and left every ounce of energy and bead of sweat to resurface their rough and ready ice.


From the off, the tempo was unreal and they showed their ability and well drilled combinations. The Cobras set up and battled hard at every opportunity they had, with some changes to lines early on we kept to their pace but were drawn out of position by their dazzling skating and left doors open.


The morale did drop in stages throughout the campaign but every stop and a few words from myself and players we stood up tall and went back at it. The goals we got well, worked and came from some great team plays. Bus legs may have been a factor on a six hour drive but every individual gave me 110% and I just couldn't find the words or wisdom to gel us.


We came home with a loss but left it showing we have a great team that works well, gives everything and I say it again, a squad to be proud of. We were all left feeling it but we will rise, rebuild and show the league that we are a great upstanding well held bunch of warriors!! True grit and determination throughout.


Well done and thank you team again for your powerful performance, regardless of the end.


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