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We opened our home games of 2023 at Riverside at the weekend with great hope against a strong Milton Keynes team.


First period came with some fire and we hit the first half of the period looking like fresh players after a long road trip previously. Some good shape came from our team and the puck flowed end to end. Three line hockey was working well. We took a hard injury that saw us have a juggle about with lines and got back into the game. The regroup gave the Falcons the chance to score some points with some switch cycling and finding the net.


Second period came and we looked like a different team seeing us find two well worked goals.


The team came in from the second period a bit torn from the onslaught from Falcons and their speed and freshness left us to drop to two lines and a change of net minder. We tried to break their well drilled system but the positions were missed and they slid more pucks into the net.


With a break away stop seeing a penalty awarded to MK gave pull to our charge. But we kept our game which in the end wasn't enough to draw back their lead and saw us take our first home defeat of the season.


Some strong plays from individuals kept the score difference at bay but we just couldn't find our shooting capacity. Well done to all the girls, and on to the next. It's just a bump in the road.


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