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Improvement!!! Developing!! Team work!!


That's the best way to describe the game result from Sunday’s double header.


Game was a great pace from the start all players hit the ice 100% engaged and with great energy levels. All the work put in at training showed. The players closed down well throughout all the zones and controlled the clearances from the defensive zone.


Oxford showed great heart and were relentless with the turnovers but the girls came back and looked sharp. A few miss-judgements left the pocket open for the stars to pop some points on the board. But nothing disheartened the team and they attacked time and time again.


Some great movement and passing found us pull one back and the team were buzzing. The line changes flowed and everyone kept on top of their game throughout. Unfortunately the score did not reflect the game we played but to walk away with the amount of positivity we had was amazing.


It’s onwards and upwards for the Pythons and they’re the team to watch out for. Well done to all amazing job.


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