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Big snake off at the weekend saw us take on the Nottingham Vipers on our own turf.


With an earlier then normal face off we were ready to rumble just after lunch. First puck drop we were at it with a real energy about us. Great positioning, work and passing got us flowing from the back, then they struck and had a goal found at the seventh minute mark. Back to the face off and disappointed eyes missed the burst from the vipers on the face off, resulting in two goals conceded in the space of sixty seconds. This was shortly answered with another home goal drawn. But Nottingham pulled back another and saw us take the first break three two down.


A brief talk and we were ready to revenge a normal Cobras start. A quick second period goal saw the fire light and we were gunning for it. Solid defence and pace from the forwards saw us take control and winning the second period by absolutely lighting up the vipers goal like the forth of July!


The third saw a good regroup made by the well organised Nottingham team but we held firm and took the big W through some steady solid plays. After the second win in a row, I find the ladies getting their twenty three half season back on track. Two hard training sessions will add to this Cobras freight train ready to take the next win.


Great effort this week, good to see the team regrouping after a rocky few games. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself! Let's go Cobra’s.


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