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Boom and we were back at home on our fourth outing on the trot in our own yard.


Whitley travelled South with an unbeaten record in the league, but with some keen looking faces in the locker room I could feel an upset. From the off, our squad looked on fire attacking every race and battle for the puck, swift line changes and great positional regrouping, we looked awesome.


But with a slight spread from our attacking forwards and defence, Whitley found a road through to our net. We managed a great reply and we looked to advance with great shape. Some long passing through the neutral zone opened our chances, but a speedy Whitley closed down our options and a few big saves from their netty left the score board not in our favour.


The second period told a completely different game. We found shape and pressed the puck as a unit on every line. Defence stayed solid around the crease and the pinching position work from wingers really helped us keep the score level. The third we started to tier and ran a bit high in their zone giving them space to attack in the way of four on two. And a few times a well hardened defence just couldn't close that centre lane.


All in all an absolutely heart packed energetic battle fought by every player. Be proud! The score line tells a different game to the battle we had. Amazing day for all. Super stoked with the team.


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