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Nice early face-off saw us head up against Kingston Diamonds. A very well established and talented Hull team came with some fire, but an amazing opening period looked to be a bubbling Cobras team out on the ice, great positioning throughout the first saw us breakdown their players, create solid chances and capitalise on it giving us an early lead.


A good solid ten minutes passed with end to end play from both squads until they found our net and slotted two goals to clinch the lead. We answered that, then they retaliated with a solid worked shot followed by another late in the period.


We entered the first break four two down. A few changes on the Hull bench found their ability to draw our defensive play and open up the gaps to exploit. The girls played hard hockey throughout never giving up and winning races up and down the ice. Hull took a couple of penalties but shut down our power play quickly.


The game end score didn't show the work effort put into the game. Everyone gave it what they had and we just couldn't step out to find that finishing shot each time the chance was available. Rest up for the next game as we travel to Slough to play Bracknell Firebees!!


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