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A solid South London Streatham turned up to Chelmsford to face us on home turf. After the away game at the beginning of the season we had set to revenge going into the puck drop and it showed. The girls were electric and had solid structure at the back and work ethic that lasted throughout the game.


Every race we won, every draw at the boards was a game in itself. A lot of young players on the Pythons bench facing up to some strong Streatham players showed and time but never backing down, pushing them away. Some solid plays from a very superior player for a division two team found Streatham a goal which was unlucky on the Pythons.


Our net minder played out of her skin and kept the deficit low. But the changing rhythm from four line hockey just couldn't force a number on our side of the score board. Another proud punched game from the Pythons. These girls are the future. Watch this space.


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