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So we left in the dark and came home in the dark. But what a great day for a long drive, to bring back a well worked and deserved win. Off the last game, spirits were high and talk was positive on the bus. 


We went north to Hull with what I'd say was a slightly short bench but with some power house players. Inviting a couple of younger players up. 


From the off the woman smashed the effort levels out of the rink. And left the diamonds without a shine or glimmer. Early goals came from some great break outs and in. The work from practice really showed today and we rolled through the periods like a southern locomotive. We did concede some soft goals but from silly mistakes but this was washed away and the game flowed. Movement through all the zones was like a tapestry of silky team work and left us with a warm positive drive home. As they say across the pond. "Great hockey ay"


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